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IIT Gandhinagar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IIEC) is a Technology business incubator located within IIT Gandhinagar. It is a Section 8 company promoted by IIT Gandhinagar, with a mission to Foster techno-entrepreneurship through innovative and creative thinking using interdisciplinary approach.


IIEC believes that Technology empowers businesses. It provides a competitive obstacle for the competition. As part of one of the most progressive technology institution in country, we bring unique value by allowing our portfolio companies access to IIT Gandhinagar 's infrastructure (labs, knowhow, technical experts and more), providing closer attention and assistance. We help in mitigating technology risks, recognizing and addressing the challenges in a development process to make your startup stand apart.

We are creating a support ecosystem through a pool of mentors and advisors to help startups convert ideas into viable and scalable businesses. Our mentors come from diverse business and technology management background.

We believe that we are partners of our portfolio companies in their success. We are committed to bring with us technical knowledge and our strong corporate network along with the support of our shareholders complementing a strong ecosystem for nurturing startups.

LOCATION −Palaj, Gandhinagar
IIEC is situated on the bank of River Sabarmati in Gandhanagar just 30 min drive from the Ahmedabad airport and very well connected to prominent places in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. IIT Gandhinagar Campus provides a great ambience. The incubation center infrastructure is one of the best in the region.

It provides co-working space, Individual office spaces equipped high speed internet connectivity, fully air conditioned space, ample meeting and discussion rooms,cafeteria, library, access to tinkering lab, etc.



Nirmal Jha, Advisor (Industry Partnerships):

Mr. Jha is B.Tech. (Electrical Engg) from IIT Kanpur in 1977. He has more than 38 years of experience in multinational power industry across Asia, USA and China. He has also served on the board of several international companies.


Anand Pandey, Deputy Manager (Commercialization)

Mr. Anand Pandey is a technology commercialization professional with 6 years’ experience in ecosystem development for technology business incubation and start up promotion. He has been involved in various initiatives of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for promoting techno- entrepreneurship and innovation clusters.

Email Id:

K. Naga Mouli, Compliance Manager & Executive Officer

Ms. Mouli Kethineedi is working as an Executive Officer, and looking after the Incubation activities since its inception in 2012. She obtained her Masters in Business Administration from Andhra University. Prior to joining IIT Gandhinagar, Ms. Kethineedi has worked at IIT Kanpur for 3 years in SIIC. At IITGN she is acting as compliance manager of IIEC since its inception.


Supported Startups

Nidhi Prayas

Nidhi Seed Support



Incubation center at IIT Gandhinagar is industriously determined to assist the innovative ideas from both students and faculties to become reality which can make commercial success and social impact. IIT Gandhinagar incubation center is currently incubating companies started by its alumni and is open to incubating companies from outside. Its incubation facilities include wet and dry labs and rapid prototyping infrastructure (hardware and software) to support high technology startups. Apart from space and development infrastructure, the incubation center also provides mentoring, connectivity to professionals investors, and business networks, and limited financing. Incubation center connects them to the right mentors to develop and scale up their technology or products and identify their market. Apart from helping incubatees financially we also guide in legal and intellectual property related matters.
If you feel you have a great technology to make a viable business, just walk in. We will provide you the right ecosystem and support to bring the technology to market.

Current Programs offered

  • a.) For Ideation stage
  • i. Potential entrepreneur, no clarity on domain/ idea/ career.
  • b.) For pre-incubation stage
  • i. Idea validation stage to Proof of Concept (POC)
  • c.) For incubation stage
  • i. From POC to Business
  • d.) For Acceleration/ Growth stage
  • i. Scale-up of proven business
The admission process for the above programs begins with the submission of a Pre-application questionnaire in the format specified by IIEC (Annexure 1). Once reviewed for eligibility criteria as defined in each program in the next section, applicants may be invited for an initial meeting with the IIEC. The applicant will be referred to a relevant program process after the preliminary assessment. Support provided by IIEC
  • i. Co-working/ Individual office space with office furniture, storage space and air-conditioning.
  • ii. LAN/ wifi connectivity
  • iii. Access to IIT Gandhinagar Library for referencing purpose.
  • i. Printing/ photocopying/ scanning facility.
  • ii. Meeting/ discussion rooms.
  • iii. Tinkering lab
  • c.) SERVICES:
  • i. Support (non monitory) for company incorporation.
  • ii. Mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • iii. Business management advice.
  • iv. Introduction with service providers like CA, CS, HR, patent attorney, lawyers, etc.
  • v. Networking support with professional bodies venture capital firms, investors, other funding agencies.

Startup Internship Program (SIP)

IITGN is committed to provide exposure of different work environments to its students as well as support and nurture start-ups promoted by its alumni and students. The Institute started Internship program where Junior Undergraduate students are sponsored to work as interns in the startup companies during winter and summer vacations. The program helps students gain experience of working in a highly evolving and dynamic startup environment. Under Startup Internship Program selected students are offered internship in range of Rs. 3,000/- per week by IIEC.

Events and Updates

Date - 5-Dec-18 Venue - AB-01/201

Fund Raising Masterclass

Mr. Shripati Acharya
(Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Priven Advisors)

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Date - 3-Nov-18 Venue - AB-01/201

Block Chain Masterclass

Mr. Srinivas Babu Munagala
(Founder and CEO at Zebi)

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Date - 16-Nov-18 Venue - AB-04/112

Product Management Masterclass

"Ms. Nikita Maheshwari
(Director of Product Management at Nutanix)"

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