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Emote Electric

Pranav Singanapalli: Founder and CEO, Industrial Designer with a Scientific bent
Padmini Balaram: Co-founder, Reknowned design researcher

Emote Electric designs, engineers and develops Smart electric vehicles to compete with and displace petrol counterparts by surpassing them in price performance and convenience. Our Smart Geared e-motorcycle is designed as a replacement for and competes with 150-250cc petrol motorcycles, offering similar speed (120km/h), better pickup, massive range (300km/charge), and is AI, IoT enabled with on-board navigation. Its batteries are quick charge capable, swappable and compatible with public charging stations. Unlike other manufacturers, we combine the performance, convenience, affordability and flexibility of petrol vehicles with the savings, connectivity and fuss free nature of electric vehicles; eliminating barriers that so far prevented people and business from shifting to electric vehicles.


Alpana Pandey - M.Sc. Physics
Rishabh Doshi 2nd Year Civil Engineering Student CTAE, Udaipur

Estonemate is an environment enthusiast company built with the purpose of building an extensive range of affordable eco-friendly products for common people without disrupting their comfort and lead the world towards a greener Earth through our sustainable solutions”.

We have started our journey by engaging ourselves in the manufacturing of eco-friendly packaging material. The stone paper is a future - friendly product which comprises marble slurry and non toxic binding agent. We repurpose the waste from the marble industry to manufacture stone paper which is an alternative to traditional wood pulp paper.It leads to a high-quality product suitable for many uses like environmentally friendly packaging and replaces single use plastic.

InfyU Labs

Amit Srivastava
Ankit Chauhan

At InfyU Labs, we are developing a handheld device which can determine the quality of fruits and vegetables non-invasively at the source of procurement itself. The device is capable of doing non-invasive rapid testing of fruits for nutritional values and harmful chemicals present based on their BRIX level, ripeness stage, and pesticide content threshold. Additionally, with our cloud-based app, clients can remotely monitor the grade of incoming raw material and can generate reports for the same. Our handheld device enables our clients to do testing at the source of procurement. Thus, removing the cost and wastage involved during the transportation of fruit samples for testing before purchase and ensuring quality traceability of the consignment.

MiCoB Private Limited

Shashank Shekhar

Shashank Shekhar is pursuing PhD in 3D Concrete Printing, Civil Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He is a graduate from IIT Roorkee and had worked as Assistant Manager at JSPL Group before joining MiCoB.
Dharmit Nakrani

Dharmit Nakrani is pursuing PhD in fire safety assessment of green building envelops, Civil Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He is a graduate in from L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.
Rishabh Mathur

Rishabh Mathur is post-graduate with an M Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Gandhinagar.
Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha is pursuing PhD in multi-phase porous media modelling with applications in food processing. She is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from UIT-RGPV, Bhopal

Concrete is extensively used for building construction and other infrastructure projects. It is generally a workable or flow-able material in its fresh state, which allows it to take the shape of the formwork, with the help of external vibration. Depending on the size, orientation, location and the strength requirements of the structural component made of concrete, it may take few hours to few days before the formwork is stripped and/or next stage of construction can take place. The conventional concrete construction is labor-intensive, time-consuming, needs costly formwork in complex structures, incurs high transportation and installation cost, challenging in adverse climatic conditions, and lacks automation. COVID-19 pandemic has further led to a shortage of labor across the country, which may lead to high project cost in near future. Hence, there will be the need of automated construction solutions in coming days.

The additive manufacturing or 3D printing of concrete is a highly automated construction process where the concrete structure is built-up layer-by-layer without form-work support. We, at MiCoB Private Limited, have developed a 3D concrete which has a printing area of 9 square meter (3 meter x 3 meter), and printable height of 3 meter. This project is funded by Startup Gujarat and IIT Gandhinagar. A smaller prototype was also developed to test various properties of printed concrete structures. We have solved 2 critical problems in 3D Concrete Printing. One is the print quality, and second is the print consistency. Three patents have been filed by us on this indigenously developed 3D Concrete Printing technology.

Plasma Propulsion Pvt. Ltd.

Chaudhary Jignesh
Chaudhary Kalpesh
Prajapati Navdeepkumar
Parmar Vishvadeepsinh


We are building Nex-Gen Electric two wheeler platform for electric two wheeler, which can reduce new vehicle development time by 60% and cost up to 45%.

We are developing Hybrid connected Hardware platform for electric two wheelers and UAVs.

(Switched Reluctance Axial Flux Motors, Controller, Battery Management system and Cloud Platform on top of the our Hardware)

Currently we are being incubated at IIM Bengaluru NSRCEL Launchpad Batch 15th Program and has been selected for SSIP grants from Government of Gujarat.

Quotientica Private Limited

Akhilesh Tripathi, Co-founder, CEO. He has been looking after product development and technical architecture.
Dr (Prof) Hare Ram Tewari, Co-founder, COO. He has been looking after business operations, policy enactment and executives work.


Omni-Channel Ingestion: The platform takes omni-data and Omni-channel view by ingesting every kind of data in our ecosystem, protecting the customers from the beginning of their transaction journeys to the end. To get a complete view of every transaction, an organization needs a platform that can instantly ingest every kind of data, whether it’s coming from an internal system, like your Account Management System, or external data sources, like enrichers. Many sources, one story: Transactional data<--->online session data—customer data----user device data—third party data.

Agility: The platform adapts to the organization as it scales and support custom models that are based on domain expertise of the fraud patterns specific to the industry. A platform with a flexible and agile architecture, developed by data scientists with domain expertise in specific industries. Custom models that are built with domain expertise in fraud science, specifically for financial services, produce more power and more insight by taking into account the unique fraud patterns that banking and payments face.

Explainable Logic: The platform has white-box AI that contains a human-readable semantic layer that explains its underlying logics and puts the human in control. For example, an explanation might say that the user has been declined because there were four recent transactions in distant locations. The idea here is to put humans in control, by communicating clearly about why certain transactions were approved or declined and arming them with the information they need to review customer account activity more intelligently.

Hyper-Granular Profiling: The platform detects anomalies by creating normal behaviour profiles for segments of many and reaches its decisions to create profiles of normal behaviour, and flag instances of abnormal behaviour. By creating profiles of many different entities (the branch, the day of the week, the credit card), machine learning platforms can reach new levels of sensitivity, and detect fraud with greater power and accuracy.


Jatin Aren
Chandan Kumar Jha
Shashikant Verma


Stroke has emerged as the second most leading cause of death, causing 11.8% of all deaths globally in 2013. Annual incidence rate of stroke in India is 163 per 100,000 per year which is greater than many european countries. Recent advancements in healthcare facilities has led to an overall decline in the death. However, the number of people suffering post stroke disability has increased significantly. About 80% of the stroke survivors suffer long term motor impairments. Impairment of the upper limb (arm and hand) severely impacts the quality of life and the socio-economic conditions of the stroke survivors. Hand functions are a critical requirement to perform activities of daily living independently. Rehabilitation of the hand therefore becomes a critical requirement.

Product idea/Solution:

1) We are developing a virtual reality platform that offers customisable gamified activities and exercises to engage and motivate patients to perform the otherwise boring rehab exercises for extended durations.
2) We have developed a wearable sensorized glove that offers excellent accuracy and repeatability in measuring finger kinematic parameters such as range of motion, reaction time, flexure speed, stability of patients hand functions etc. A provisional patent is already filed. We also won the outstanding results award for demonstrating the performance of the glove at a leading international conference.
3) Motorized force-feedback system to assist patients in making finger movements.
4) Cloud-based mobile platform for tele-assessment and seeking second opinion from expert doctors.
5) Artificial intelligence/machine learning based smart system for patient disability assessment and recovery timeline predictions.

Revy Environmental Solutions

Dr. Vanita Prasad: Founder Director & CTO
Dr. Vanita Prasad is an Environmental Biotechnologist with more than 25 yrs. of experience in related field. Dr. Prasad has a long association with the industry as Consultant Scientist while heading R&D functions of various waste management companies. She hold patents for specific innovation in the field of Waste management and Renewable energy. Under her entrepreneurial journey, She has floated her own company namely - REVY Environmental Solution Private Ltd in 2017.
Rajneesh Prasad: Director & CEO
Mr. Rajneesh Prasad has a postgraduate Degree in Biochemistry from Indore and MBA from Murdoch University, Perth Australia. He comes from the field of Medical Diagnostics and has over 25 years of experience of managing and discharging various responsibilities in MNCs.

Bhavik Kathrani : Director & CFO
Mr. Bhavik Kathrani has more than 20 years of experience in Finance in accounting across various industries including Tours & Travel Agency, Freight Forwarding Company, Accounting & Auditing, Taxation, Consolidation, Property Management, Construction, Hospitality, Manufacturing unit etc.

Technology Brief:

REVY is providing in situ solutions in waste management to several industries using its optimized Waste Water Treatment Technology. REVY develops “Designer Bio-culture” using IP protected combinations of bacteria/other microorganisms that helps treat many effluents. Also this product of REVY can be applied in management of wet waste. So, this solution from REVY addresses the twin edged problem of managing waste water as well as organic fraction of solid waste, altogether, in a single set up as against treating them separately in existing classical arrangement. The output from such treatment facilities would be-Treated water fit for secondary use and enhanced bio-methane to be used as energy resource.


Skinzy software solutions

Dr. Dhananjay Kalbande, Founder and Chairperson

Our founder, Dr. Dhananjay Kalbande, holds a Ph.D. in computer science. He has pursued his Post-Doctorial studies from Tata Insitute of Social Science. He is passionate about building technologies that can impact the bottom-most person of society, providing accessible health care.
Dr. Uday khopkar, Founder

Our Co-Founder, Dr. Uday Khopkar, is a Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist. He has specialized in Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Skin Diseases and established the first country-wide dermatopathology referral system. He is passionate about resolving skin issues of people and mentoring budding dermatologists.
Mr. Darshan Savalia, Co-founder and CEO

Our co-founder, Darshan Savalia, an ex-Investment Banker, holds a Bachelors's in Computer Science. He is passionate about AI and building tools that can diagnose diseases with better precision.

For 1.3 billion people, there are only 10,000 dermatologists. 90% of the patients suffering from skin diseases do not have access to a dermatologist. Most of the time, skin diseases, which could be life-threatening, are often overlooked. Thus, our app DermaPhoto helps you detect skin conditions using artificial intelligence and detailed image processing.


“ A Leader is one who knows the ways, goes the way and shows the way” Our battalion’s chief – Mr.S.Hari Anandh
“ In the world full of fluctuations, be someone’s Regulator” Our Battalion’s regulating unit - Ms.K.Pavithra Devi
“Casting the world, Forging the campus, Shaping the universe, Welding the rest of all branches, Bcoz, we are the Men, we are the machine, and we are Mechanical engineer" Our Battalion’s Design station – Mr.M.D.Hemanath
“ My Life without physics is like, a body without soul....!!!” Silicon Center of our Battalion – Mr.K.Janath Srikrishnan

Over the past few decades technology has been drastically changing the way of life in the society hence lives of the current generation has been significantly improved by completely becoming dependent on new technologies. It also allows multiple tasks to be completed in less time along with increased efficiency and creates entirely new way to make a living. Shopping mall is a place where most of the people hurry to get their daily necessities. However, shopping carts in major stores have experienced little changes. Consumers often face problems as they are tedious and in-convenience to push or pull these carts around and becomes noticeably painful to carry the heavy loads. Even collision occurs if obstacles arise out of sight. After this one, needs to go to billing counter for payments which is a time-consuming process and also results in a long queue at the counters. Our aim is to design an intelligent cart that follows the customer and makes automatic billing by using the modern sensors and micro-controller which provides more satisfaction and comfortable to the user. Our motto to this shopping society is “Why not your cart be your dog”.


Imtiyaz Ansari

Snapper is computational phtography camera for public spaces. which enables the unexplored angel photography without having DSLR or selfie stick. Snapper is copmpletely autonomous and works on wifi. which provides amazing features like 3D photography, Slow motion photography and AR Avatar. Meanwhile using snapper anyone can have theire own portraite photography without asking anyone.

Furthermore, we are also targeting Restaurants, Hotels and events. Where Snapper helps them to have preinstalled photography setup for theire customers. Which allow the perfect photography to large group as well as individuals. Meawhile Snapper provide the perfect solution for hassle free photography requirment.

Solnce Energy

Yash Tarwadi, CEO, Founder

Yash Tarwadi is the founder and CEO of Solnce energy. He is a chemical engineer and has done EGMP from IIM Calcutta.
Shah Nilesh , CTO

Nilesh Shah is Chief Technology Officer, he handles process and equipment of designing and also plays a vital role in optimisation and intensification of processes.
Parvate Bhushan, COO

Bhushan Parvate is chief operation officer, He is a chemical engineer, plays a vital role in operation, supply chain and business Development.

“Always focus your attention at the centre of the solar system where the Sun, the supreme power of the universe, resides.” -Shree Bhavishyotar Puran

Our venture "Solnce Energy" is a renewable energy company that is a small step towards a sustainable future.

Potable water scarcity is the biggest problem that humankind is facing. The sustainability is need of an hour, we are feeling the effect of climate change. The problem is very real and we have to preserve mother earth for future generations.

We are solving this problem with frugal innovation and using only natural resources. We have developed a prototype that successfully converted "Seawater into potable water by Solar Energy".

The people living in coastal regions facing the water crisis the most because of no water body nearby. The process utilities only natural resources like solar energy and seawater. It provides safe, pure water with added minerals to drink. The prototype can be scaled up to a greater extent for benefiting a large number of people.

Moreover, this project focuses on the 6th goal and 7th goal of UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Clean water and sanitation and affordable and clean energy respectively.

We are working restlessly to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.


Management team :
Ch. Sai srishal
Buditi Prudhvi

Technical team and developers :
Kukunuri Rithwik
Sahit PJ
Gowtham Ch
Sai praneeth Maddi

A social media platform which is dedicated and specially designed for memes and meme lovers. Memes are playing a huge role in entertainment for the current generation but currently in India there is no perfect platform or a media which is dedicated and recognises the art of meme making. So, we are coming with a mobile app which is dedicated and aims to get the recognition for the meme makers and the art of meme making.

Swasthya: Ensuring Safety - Delivering Trust in times of Pandemic

Akshay Navalakha Derving Insights in Healthcare through AI | EX-NVIDIA | Cornell | IITGN
Pratham Shah Avid entrepreneur managing a digital signage and software business since last 5 years after graduating from IIT GN and CMU

Description of Product:

Swasthya aims to leverage technology to solve the challenge of workplace safety created by the pandemic.
It is a platform for businesses that helps them to
1. Make the employees feel safe
2. Brings back customers by gaining their trust

We do this through AI/ML and computer vision solutions that provide workplace safety ratings as well as key insights/recommendations on:
1. Covid health risk for customers and employees using IoT and voice analytics
2. Social distancing score
3. Mask compliance
4. Visitor location analytics
5. Contactless systems & processes score

Using this insights Swasthya empowers a business by
1. Allowing management to make data-driven decision to reduce risk at workplace
2. Driving revenue by gaining the trust of the customers to use their services

We are a dynamic startup with team members from prestigious universities like Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, IITs and IIMs.

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