About Nidhi Prayas

PRomoting and Accelerating Young and ASpiring technology entrepreneurs (PRAYAS) is a program specifically to support young innovators turn their ideas into proof-of-concepts. This support allows the innovators to try their ideas without fear of failure, hence allowing them to reach a stage where they have a ready product and are ready for commercialization by starting up with the help of the Incubator.

If you have conceptualized a product idea and want to convert it to a product leading to a startup venture, apply for the Nidhi Prayas Program at IIEC IIT Gandhinagar.

The selection process of the first cohort (2020) is over. The applications for the next cohort shall be open during May-June 2021.  

Objectives of PRAYAS Prototyping Grant

o  Enable translation of an innovative idea to a prototype.
o  Provide a platform for faster experimentation and modify approaches in the idea to market journey.
o  Generate innovative solutions relevant to the local and global        problems.
o  Attract a large number of youth who demonstrates problem solving zeal and abilities
o  A pre-incubation program or pipeline activity leading to startup incubation.  

Eligibility for PRAYAS support 

The eligibility criteria for the applicants for PRAYAS program are as follows :
The PRAYAS program is focused to provide support to individual innovators primarily to convert their ideas into prototype. Any individual applying for PRAYAS has to be an Indian Citizen. Applications can be made by:

1. An Individual Innovator OR Team of Innovators
2. A Startup
3. Innovators in employment OR Students with any R& D organisation / Academic Institution

with a full time commitment and clear road map for Commercialization or Startup creation.

Priority areas for support

Advance Manufacturing

Internet of Things


Mobility Solutions




Benefits under the program

  • A prototype grant of upto INR 10 lakhs to build a prototype.
  • Access to Tinkerer’s Lab, IITGN Library, Labs
  • Mentorship in design, development, technology and business,
  • Support in IP protection
  • Access to IIEC Co-working space, mentors
  • Help in commercialization

Nature of projects eligible for support

  • Projects identifying well defined problem and proposing a well thought technical solutions
  • The idea proposed should be innovative/ novel leading to IP creation.
  • Project should relate to converting an idea into a prototype and should be implementable within 18-month duration.
  • Technology ideas and proposals that can result in a viable startup shall be preferred

    However, projects involving pure software development, fundamental research / student academic/ exploratory work shall not be eligible for support under this program. 

Contact us: iiec@iitgn.ac.in 

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